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A family web site.

You've stumbled upon our family web site.
Nothing special here, particularly.
Just the usual -- family pictures, anecdotes, and miscellaneous musings.

Feel free to peruse, and if you have a comment, send it along. You can send an email to frank at kibbish dot com.

Guest Bathroom Remodel
Spring 2015

House Remodel
Winter 2007

Marco* & Polo
Brothers and Buddies

Polo & Leo - A Somewhat Strained Friendship
Field Day 2007
(Ham Radio)

*Marco's Story: Our furry friend Marco (seen above in the blue collar), passed away on June 1, 2006 from what is believed to be a genetic form of heart disease. If you are interested, I've posted Marco's story on this web page.


Evelyn Kibbish BLOG is available here (for reference only)


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